Bulletin – More April Previews from Games Workshop


April is looking to be a big month for all the Age of Sigmar fans out there, with the new Kharadron faction accompanied by more for all the Khorne players.

The forces of Chaos will be getting some new rules with a the new ‘Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne’. These guys are the archetypal villains of the age and the first faction to meet the Stormcast Eternals in battle in the realms. Like their heaven-forged adversaries who received a new Battletome last month, it’s only fitting that the followers of the Blood God get an update too.

Warhammer Community

This new book should be roughly equivalent to the Disciples of Tzeentch book launched earlier in the year. The new battletome is set to contain new allegiance abilities, magic weapons, Battalions, command traits and prayers. While there are new new models being released alongside the new book it should provide players with some great new ways to use an existing force.

Check out all the information over at Warhammer Community.

Source: Warhammer Community


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