Games Workshop – Big Things Coming


Games Workshop have unleashed a massive flurry of news and updates at AdeptiCon this year, covering both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.


For Warhammer 40,000 we’ve had the announcement of a whole new set of miniatures for the Death Guard faction. It’s been a long time coming but a new video preview shows off some great looking models for the inhabitants of the famous plague planet.


More of a tease, but no less intriguing, was a recent interview conducted with head of the Warhammer Books and Boxed Games, Pete Foley. In the interview he outlined some interesting details regarding their current thoughts about the state of the game and it’s potential future.

Plans include a lot of positive changes influenced by Age of Sigmar, including an official set of guidelines for three different tiers of play:

“…The General’s Handbook has been one of the most popular rules supplements we’ve ever released. Who’d have thought letting people choose how they wanted to play their games and giving them a clear way to do that would be so popular…? It’s pretty clear from talking to a number of event organisers, that Warhammer 40,000 would benefit from the same approach. So we’ll soon be introducing the same 3 ways to play – open, narrative and matched play – to the 41st Millennium…”

Pete Foley – Games Workshop

In a similar fashion, he commented on how they might start to reward players who choose to field more thematic armies

“…One of the things that comes up a lot is the idea that people should be rewarded for taking thematic armies. It’s a sentiment we agree with and so we’re looking at introducing Command points. A mechanism to reward players who structure their army like their in-world counterparts, with rerolls and cool army specific rules throughout the game…”

Pete Foley – Games Workshop

Outside of these, there was also talk of shaking some of the fundamental rules and how they interact with each other. Commenting on movement, shooting, the combat phase and morale respectively. Many of these changes will be quite familiar to players of Age of Sigmar, but equally – many veteran players will recognise some of these concepts from earlier editions of the game, particularly 2nd edition.

(on movement)”…We think the Move value should come back. No more default unit types. Every model should have cool bespoke rules. Not only would that be more fun, but it’ll mean you will only need to learn the rules for your models…”

(on shooting) “…Armour save modifiers. This topic comes up almost as often as Sisters of Battle… so we’re going to bring them back. Every weapon will have its place in your army and better represent how you imagine them working in your head.

(on the combat phase) “…Charging units should fight first. It’s just more thematic. So we’re hoping to work this out as well. It will reward tactically outmanoeuvring your opponent. You can dictate the combats rather than being entirely Initiative based. You control who swings first…”

(on morale) “…Its no longer all or nothing, and it affects everyone. We’re thinking of replacing break tests with a simple mechanic. Roll a D6, add that to the number of models your unit has lost this turn, subtract your Leadership and take that many additional casualties…”

Pete Foley – Games Workshop

It’s great to see more open discussion about their thoughts behind the game from Games Workshop, a welcome change from the behind-closed-doors policy of years past. Obviously still keeping things under their hats a bit, but still giving fans a valuable look at what’s to come. Although no official announcement has been made, these comments give rise to the popular rumour that a new edition is on the way within the relatively near future.

They also posted a great little tongue-in-cheek video along with the interview.



Onto Age of Sigmar now, they’ve released more information about the soon to be official Warscroll Builder app. This great resource for has proven immensley popular with players ever since the free site launched shortly after launch. Developed by web designer, avid painter, gamer and owner Tony Pacheco the app will now be receiving official support through the Warhammer Community website.

Promising to widen the reach of the application and give it a new design twist, the official support should help players get the most out of their army lists and collections.

We’re going to make sure that this great tool stays free, is regularly updated, and work with Tony to continue to develop the functionality.

Warhammer Community


Finally, expanding on the news from earlier, they’ve released more detailed information on new game: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Promising to be easy to learn but difficult to master, Warhammer Underworlds is a new tactical arena combat game set in the Age of Sigmar.

Designed for balanced, small-scale tactical games and with competitive play in mind, matches can be played in with minimal table space and in a short amount of time. The method here is to enable large scale tournaments without the need for heaps of space – perfect for the garage club or smaller game stores. Organised Play is said to be a big cornerstone for the game from the outset, giving a fully focused set of rules and guidelines for people looking to run tournaments and receive prize support.

The setting may be the same, but all reports suggest this is a different beast to Age of Sigmar. Changing the focus from the large battlefields and open countryside, the game will be set in the ancient and damned city of Shadespire.


As shown in the video above, the core set will include Eternals Liberators and Khorne Bloodreavers, they’re not limiting themselves to just these guys though. Forces can be drawn from familiar faces all over the Mortal Realms, excitingly, they’ve said this will include factions that have not received any new miniatures since the end of the Old World. (silently hopes for some Bretonnian love – Ed)


Games Workshop are planning on making sets with small bands of easy-to-assemble, push-fit miniatures similar to their range of single-pose heroes. Similar to other recent games like Blood Bowl, the models will be provided in coloured plastic – coupled with the ease of assembly this looks to make the game perfect for fans of pick-up-and-play games.


Making use of custom dice to ease players into the rules, there will also be an included set of card decks for each player. We’ll obviously be seeing more of these available separate, as the card decks are said to be unique to each faction. What’s more, the decks will be allow for customisation – encouraging each player to create their own unique sets of abilities. We can also see how this will create a bit more variety amongst similar sets of models, expanding on a models strengths by augmenting them with cards in different arrangements similar to X-Wing.


Lots of big news to much on over the weekend! We’re sure the’ll have more info before AdeptiCon closes out so stay tuned!.

Source: Warhammer Community


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