Bulletin – New Wizkids Star Trek Models


It’s been quite a few years since WizKids launched Star Trek: Attack Wing for all the keen Trekkies out there. So far it has done quite well but has never quite caught up with it’s rival; Star Wars: X-Wing.

A common complaint refereed to the models themselves, often perceived as lower quality – especially in regards to the pre-painted colours. In response to this, WizKids will be launching the brand new “Star Trek Deep Cuts” range of miniatures. Featuring the same scale and similar sculpts to existing models but without the paint jobs. Instead, WizKids have focused on delivering a low cost ($5.99 USD) model that eager collectors can Β  Β paint for themselves. Have a look at the first wave in the gallery below.

The models won’t be completely bare plastic, with the company stating that they will be primed (using Vallejo paints apparently) to allow painters to get started right away. They will also be including a set of decals with each ship to provide greater customisation.


Source: ICv2Β 


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