Bulletin – C-ROC Preview: Jabba the Hutt


Earlier, Fantasy Flight Games gave us a look at the changes to the Scum M3-A Interceptors and the brand new Merchant One epic ship in the upcoming C-ROC Cruiser expansion. Recently they released some more details on one of the upcoming expansion cards set to be included in this set. The card is said to offer options for both regular and epic tier play and focuses on the most famous of Hutts – Jabba.

Jabba The Hutt
The Jabba the Hutt card is a double-slotted crew upgrade, making the ships available to him limited, the obvious choice is the new Epic craft he comes with, but for standard games he’s able to slot into the YV-666. This limitation is counteracted by his overall value to a particular list, offering a big boost to any illicit upgrades you might have on your ships. This advantage is represented by tokens that essentially give you more uses of the illicit upgrades they modify. Similar to the Extra Munitions upgrade that gives you extra shots with torpedo and missiles, but for any illicit upgrade in your squad. This should really boost the cost effectiveness of the illicit upgrades that Scum factions so heavily rely on already.


Definitely some great options to consider and should prove an interesting challenge for both the Scum players building their list and the foes who now have to face them. You can read more in-depth information by clicking the button below.


Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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