4Ground – Twin Peaks Mall

Sometimes a piece of scenery comes along that’s just too ridiculously detailed not to talk about. The new Twin Peaks Mall set and accessories from 4Ground fit that niche exactly, allowing you to build a complete 28mm scale mall for playing any modern themed game of the same scale.

Let’s just have a look at it;

Pretty awesome right?

Part of their new range dubbed “Homeland Apocalypse” – this epic box set is like nothing you’ve ever seen. 4Ground are already known for their high levels of detail and intricate designs, but the mall looks to be taking that to an entirely new level. All the parts are Pre-Painted and ready to go right out of the box, which is a big plus considering the scale of this item. The Kit contains everything you can see in the above images including 6 unique shops with all the furniture you’ll need to fit them out, two entrances and all the roofs and floors to complete the building. It’s not a cheap set by any means, but it’s hard to argue with the price when there’s just so much on offer.

The Mall should make a perfect addition to any modern themed wargames, RPGs or even board games. We can see this set being a perfect fit for everything from Modern Warfare skirmish games, Zombie apocalypse role playing games like The End of The World or even just a custom Zombicide scenario. With detail like this, it’s tempting to pick it up just for the shelf braggaing rights alone.

In a similar vein to the rest of their scenery ranges, those who aren’t quite as willing to go all in on the massive set should be well covered. All of the individual components that make up this set are also available as separate pieces, including stand alone stores and all the shop fittings plus a few extra pieces to add character to the set.

Each of the images is it’s own individually priced pack, so even if you’re just looking to add furniture to your own or another brand of scenery, 4Ground have you covered.

As if all that wasn’t enough, those looking to make the Mall larger can not only by duplicates of all the stuff that comes in the set (including entrances, roofs and floor tiles) but there are also a few more types of shops and locations you can add to the structure. Most impressive, is the Food Court pictured in the gallery below:

The food court is a double sized store and is designed to be situated on either the front or rear entrance to the store – offering a new point of entry for your soldiers or a horde of ghastly zombies. It also features pots and pans on the stoves, it’s small but I thought that was worth mentioning because it’s a good example of the detail 4Ground have put into these sets.

Other add-on stores include a bathroom block and a simple double sized empty store that you can fit out however you’d like.

Plenty of awesome stuff on offer in all of these sets, and it’ll be interesting to see what people put together with these new kits. We’ve already been throwing ideas around the office about potential games and scenarios for it!

The new set and all the accessories should be available very, very soon!

All Product Images and Information Provided by 4Ground. All Rights Reserved.


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