AK Interactive – Releases for April


More great stuff is on the way next month from AK Interactive, including a compilation book and a few new paints sets from their popular Figure range.

Extreme Reality

The new book is called Extreme² and is a compilation of their two previous Extreme books; Extreme Reality and Extreme Weathered Vehicles. Featuring all of the content from the previous books in one easy to read volume, this new book should be an awesome resource for anyone looking to add a bit of reality to their models and scenery.

Modern Desert Uniform Colors Set

The Modern Desert Colors set comes with a great selection of Figure paints for colouring modern soldiers in a modern desert environment.  Whether it be US, British or even Russian modern forces, painters should find these quite suitable when attempting to replicate the camouflage colours used by these ground forces.

Paints Include:
-AK3029 Faded white
-AK3033 Light Sand
-AK3056 Brown Black
-AK3031 Brown Leather
-AK3075 US Field Drab
-AK3143 Grey Green

IDF Uniform Colors Set

The IDF Uniform Colors Set has a total of six paints designed to decorate any Israel
Defence Army miniatures of the time period. In particular, these paints have been designed with mixing in mind, giving adept painters the ability to achieve a the often varied chromatic range the real uniforms often featured.

Paints Include:
-AK3025 Medium Green
-AK3056 Brown Black
-AK3063 Golden Olive
-AK3072 Ocher Khaki
-AK3074 Brown Olive Drab
-AK3076 Canvas Tone

WWII British Uniform Colors Set

Maybe it’s because we’re one of the few ‘colonies’ left, but British armed forces are a popular choice amongst Australian gamers. The WWII British Uniform Colors set features paints which allow you to achieve very realistic reproductions of uniforms from that era. Not limited to the base colours of the army, the featured shades and tones should also be suitable for creating the camouflage patterns used by the British during the war as well.

Paints Include:
-AK3026 Tan
-AK3058 Intermediate Green
-AK3064 Green Black
-AK3073 Red Brown
-AK3081 British Uniform
-AK3033 Light Sand

Woodland and Flecktarn Camouflages Set

A little less specific than the other sets, the Woodland and Flecktarn Camouflages set should still provide the same level of realism and tonal rage as the other sets. Obviously aimed at creating camouflages for those in woodland or forest areas, the colours here should help anyone looking for a nice set of complementary colours to create that type of camouflage easily. While AK have designed it with a modern warfare theme in mind, we can easily see this working with Sci-Fi military figures like the USAriada for Infinity.

Paints Include:
-AK3024 Light Green
-AK3056 Brown black
-AK3058 Intermediate Green
-AK3063 Deep Green
-AK3067 Deck Tan
-AK3073 Red Brown

These items are all due next month and should be available to Pre-Order in the next few days.

Images and Product Information Provided by AK Interactive. All Rights Reserved.


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