Bulletin – Warhammer Digital Launches


While many amongst us really love our immense collections of high quality printed rule books and other game material, it’s hard to argue against the convenience that digital resources provide.

Warhammer Digital.jpgOver the last few years Games Workshop have committed fully to the new digital realm, offering the vast majority of their printed materials in a digital form. These resources have so far been sharing space with Warhammer related novels on the Black Library website but all of that has now changed with the recent launch of Warhammer Digital.

Now a separate website, customers will find digital editions of all the latest rule books, painting guides and army supplements in popular eReader formats. Fans of their fiction won’t be left behind either, with Black Library now focusing 100% on delivering those materials.

To celebrate the new website, both resources will be doing some special deals:

“…For Black Library fans, these include a free short story for anyone subscribing to the Black Library newsletter, a free short story for anyone picking up ‘Fabius Bile – Primogenitor‘, loads of free wallpapers of great Black Library art, and great deals on 15 classic novels…”

“…For Warhammer Digital fans, you can get a free painting guide (for a Genestealer Broodlord) if you sign up to the newsletter, and anyone spending over £20 will also get the eBook rules for the Knights: Renegade game…”

Warhammer Community

Starting now you can grab all your digital goodies from Blacklibrary.com and WarhammerDigital.com


Source: Warhammer Community


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