Bulletin – Hoth Open Winner Interview


William Haigwood claimed victory at the Hoth Open for X-Wing recently and has participated in a great interview discussing his win over at Midwest Wargaming. Held stateside at Adepticon, the competition often features some of the best players from the area and can provide a good indication of the current state of the tournament scene.

In the interview William discusses his list and tactics, covering how it fared against the opposition and his motivations for it’s composition. It’s a great insight into the current meta and the types of opposition he had to encounter.

“…The latest FAQ changed some of the strongest cards in the game, including Manaroo, who I had be flying alot of up until the latest changes to the game. While I thought the changes were valid and well thought out, my abuse of her pilot ability combined with Attinni Mindlink was much more difficult after the nerf. Because of a few other changes to the over used, and for the most part overpowered, cards meant that the variety of lists in the meta would be at an all time high…”

William Haigwood – Hoth Open 2017 Champion

Check out the full interview by clicking the button below.


Source: Midwest Wargaming


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