Bulletin – Infinity Golden Tickets!


As if people didn’t need enough reason to jump on and pre-order the awesome new Fat Yuan Yuan miniature set, Corvus Belli have announced an awesome new prize giveaway for a lucky few purchasers via Facebook.


“Corvus Belli decides to run a contest and place ยก6 Golden Tickets! inside the Fat Yuan Yuan Boxes. The lucky finders of these tickets will get: 1 Fat Yuan Yuan t-shirt, 1 Fat Yuan Yuan patch, 1 IV Interplanetario Special Marker and…A visit Corvus Belli’s factory!

Travel expenses and accommodation not included (valid until 12/30/2018)”

Corvus Belli (Facebook post)

Not a bad deal huh? It’s a shame about the travel expenses but we’re sure eager Wargamers will be able to justify the costs. For a chance to win, all you have to do is purchase the new Fat Yuan Yuan limited edition box set within the Pre-Order period. There’s not long left to jump in on the deal, so if you’re keen on winning this sweet prize jump online and order your box today!

We’re really hoping one of our local Infinity fans lucks out with this one, it’ll be nice to see an Australian basking in the Corvus Belli factory!


Source: Corvus Belli via Facebook


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