Bulletin – Wyrd Teases Iron Painter 2017


In a short and sweet announcement, Wyrd Miniatures have teased another round of their Iron Painter competition, showing only the new logo and these simple words:

“Stay tuned…”

Wyrd Miniatures


Starting a few years back, Wyrd Miniatures have been running an annual online competition where contestants assemble and paint miniatures over the course of a few months. Entrants compete head to head with other painters in a round structure, with increasing stakes and heaps of great models to admire. Models were scored based on a set criteria and each round usually featured a specific theme with a tight time limit.

We’re not sure yet how this years competition will differ from years past, but previous competitions delivered awesome results and heaps of admiration from contestants and spectators in equal measure. Prior competitions included massive prize support from Wyrd, ranging from cash prizes (last year’s winner received $500!) to miniatures and store credit at Wyrd’s store.

Definitely keep an eye out for more from Wyrd, if previous years are any indication we’re in for an exciting couple of months!


Source: Wyrd Miniatures


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