Slave 2 Gaming – Dark World War New Stuff


The good fellas over at Slave 2 Gaming announced a few new release products last week for their alternate history wargame “Dark World War”.

The releases take the form of assault units for both the Prussian and British forces. The Stoßtruppen (translates to “Shock Troops” or “Thrust Troops”) and the Scottish Highlander “Black Watch” have both been beautifully handcrafted by in 18mm by studio veteran Mike Broadbent. Both of these units also have the capability to add Flamer Attachment and Jump Pack Upgrades which are available separately.

These new additions really help to expand both of the existing armies in the game to a more versatile range of models. Improving both tactical options and adding to the beauty adorning tabletops across the country. The guys have even suggested a couple of visual upgrades that players can add to these models.

German Assault Jumping

“…the Highlanders that have been converted to show them jumping, the photo doesn’t do it justice (they do not come this way however, it’s only a conversion)…”

You can head over to their website and check out all the new stuff now!

Product Information and Images Provided by Slave 2 Gaming. All Rights Reserved.


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