Bulletin – Fusing X-Wing & Age of Rebellion



Guest writer Bryan Young has been contributing a set of interesting articles for Fantasy Flight Games in recent times. The articles have focused on how players might go about incorporating the exciting game play of X-Wing into their Age of Rebellion or other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG campaigns.

Initial articles in the series have mainly focused on some of the theory behind how the two might combine together, but more recently Bryan was able to actually apply his ideas in a practical environment.

The article provides heaps of interesting insight and great hints and tips into how you might actually integrate these particular modifications into your own campaign settings.

“…In X-Wing, each ship is given a ship card that identifies its pilot and that pilot’s skill. In general, there are three tiers of pilots for each sort of ship—rookies, squadron pilots, and named, unique aces. These allowed us some way to distinguish between the characters in our campaign as we shifted from pencil and paper to miniatures on the table…”

Bryan Young

It’s a terrific look at how these two systems work together, and how they don’t. The article is very much written from the perspective of players conducting an experiment, with quite a bit of trial and error coming into play. All in all, the experience sounded great and hopefully this article inspires other players running campaigns to give it a go as well.

Check out the full article by following the button below.


Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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