Micro Art Studio – May New Releases


New stuff keeps rolling in from Micro Art Studio, with a big focus on expanding their existing range of great looking resin bases.

This next wave brings an entirely new base theme for gamers out there in all the usual sizes. The new style is called highway and sports a very post-apocalyptic feel, featuring cracked asphalt and a various bits of rubbish you’d expect to find frequently beside the roadsides of an abandoned wasteland. Maintaining their high level of detail – these bases should look excellent and would suite a pretty wide variety of not only different miniatures, but also paint schemes.

Micro Art Studio have also announced that they will be continuing to expand the existing round bases catalogue to include some of the new base sizes and shapes we’ve seen become more prevalent in recent times. In particular this refers to many of the Oval bases commonly found in Games Workshop’s Warhammer games.

T00090 - ITS2016 Set 1
ITS 2016 Set

Not letting their continued support of the Infinity range be left behind, they’ve also announced the release of a great new accessory pack. The ITS2016 set is a kit full of great little resin and acrylic bits and pieces designed to work with official ITS tournaments. Giving a TO all the objective markers they’ll need to support their latest event in style. There are also some hints that this won’t be the last set they release like this, it’s possible we’ll see more tournament focused terrain from Micro Art Studio in the future.

Keep an eye out for these upcoming releases in the near future.

Images and Product Information Provided by Micro Art Studio. All Rights Reserved


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