Bulletin – New Zombicide Game!


Following the massive success of their most recent Kickstarter campaign, miniature and board game publishers CMON have announced their next project: Zombicide Green Horde.


A direct follow up to the most recent entry in the board game series (Black Plague) this new box set will function as both an expansion and a stand alone experience. Keeping with the popular fantasy setting for now, this version plans to add a horde of infected orcs and goblins to the existing list of enemies. CMON are hoping the new monsters will add a whole new layer of challenge to the game.

“…put survivors to the ultimate test. This green menace is not only stronger than their human counterparts, but they also tend to gather into massive hordes that ambush the survivors when they least expect it. Uncover the many surprises the Green Horde has in store for you!..”

“…If Zombicide: Black Plague gave you nightmares, Zombicide: Green Horde will make them come true…”



The game will initially be made available through Kickstarter, with a campaign set to launch at the end of May this year.


Source: CMON


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