Bulletin – Batman: Professor Pyg & Dollotrons


Knight Models has released a quick sneak peak at the new Professor Pyg & Dollotrons pack recently.


Posted on their new official website, the recent article outlines some of the interesting tactical options this character can offer. It appears that while the models in this set are all quite basic when it comes to combat, the way they work together and combine their skills with other models will be the key to successful deployment on the tabletop. Most noteworthy, is Professor Pyg’s rare ‘Medic’ ability – allowing him to heal combatants during the game.

“… (Medic) lets you remove Damage counters from your models. Furthermore, his personal Trait Surgical Madness allows him to remove an extra counter, but the target receives a free Trait. However, not all the options are good!..”

Knight Models


He won’t be going far without his minions either, the Dollotrons look to create quite a nuisance for opponents, acting primarily as an obstacle and preventing key characters from hindering Pyg’s objectives.

“…They have some of the worst stats in the game, except for their Endurance of 6. They can be good at disrupting the opponent, as they do not give up Victory Points when being KO’d or made Casualties. Furthermore, they can perform the Grab attack for free (no need to spend the SC cost). Finally, they have the Desensitized trait, guaranteeing  that they will get the job done…”

Knight Models


These models prove it’s not all just about strength and speed in Batman, smart play and deception will also serve certain gangs and crews well.

Have a look at all the details over at Knight Models website.


Source: Knight Models


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