Bulletin – More Details On 5th D&D Adventure System Game


WizKids have released a few more little pieces of information about the upcoming 5th title in the D&D Adventure System series of Board Games. We’re still waiting on a the theme and title for the new game but a few mechanics and features have been revealed.

Bards will now be joining the large roster of available classes ensuring every dungeon run can now feature a harmonising minstrel to inspire the rest of the party. This will come alongside an as-yet-unannounced new race. Current games in the series already feature quite a wide variety here so it’ll be interesting to see which one they go with, the series still hasn’t seen a Tiefling or Gnome character, both of which are standard options in the latest edition of the game. Ultimately though it could be anything at this stage.Dungeons-and-DragonsThe new game also plans to introduce new mechanics by way of what’s been called a “spell deck system”. The new system aims to add variety to the abilities used by the games adversaries and goes alongside another new system for ‘stunning’ heroes. More details on these will hopefully be released soon.

Finally, they’ve announced that the game will also be released in both a ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ edition. The standard edition will be similar to previous games, with a big selection of heroes and monsters each represented by simple one colour plastic miniatures. The Premium Edition will feature the same contents, but the miniatures will all be pre-painted right out of the box, they haven’t been specific, but we can assume the same standard of painting seen in the regular Dungeons and Dragons blind blister packs produced by WizKids. While customers have been advised to Pre-Order the Premium Edition when they can, nothing has been stated about if this release will be limited or simply in low supply at launch.

They’ve also set a price, with the Standard Edition selling in line with other games in the series at $79.99 USD and the Premium Edition going for $159.99 USD.


Source: ICv2


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