Coming Soon – Wyrdscapes Range


Wyrd Miniatures has announced a great new set of custom plastic bases in a variety of themes. Long time fans of Wyrd and Malifaux will find these quite reminiscent of the metal base inserts the company used to sell regularly.

Each theme features bases in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes and follow the round lipped bevel standard across the Malifaux and other skirmish wargame ranges. They are moulded in hard plastic and we should expect the same quality found in their miniatures.

So far three styles have been announced – Victorian, Sewer & Graveyard, more styles may yet be on the way but there’s no official word on those just yet. For now, we’ve only got the digital renders of these bases to look at but given how well their existing plastics translate from these renders there isn’t much to cause concern there.

These bases have definitely been designed with Malifaux in mind – and not simply in theme either. They all have quite elaborate features which complement the highly stylised and characterful miniatures already featured in the game. This is in contrast to many other pre-build base designs out there, which tend to favour more flat and simple designs more suitable for larger scale armies of repeating models.

Overall it’s a great start to what should hopefully be a great looking range. These new bases have been slated for release in late June this year. Pre-Orders for them should be available a little closer to release.

Images and Product Information Provided by Wyrd Miniatures. All Rights Reserved.


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