Bulletin – Shadow War Rulebook


Games Workshop’s recent standalone release title “Shadow War’ proved to be immensely popular with their fans, selling out almost instantly across the globe. It seems all but confirmed at this time that the production run of this set was indeed intended to be limited, with no announcements of further stock being produced for those who missed out.


Thankfully, those looking to jump in with what is effectively a new spin on the old Necromunda rule set won’t be left high and dry. The company has announced that the rules for the game will be available as a separate item in both digital and print forms before the end of the month. Better yet, the new book will actually contain all of the army lists previously only available as a separate PDF download. While the download was free, it’s definitely a good value add for those who didn’t manage to nab the first box set during it’s short time on retail shelves.

Those looking for more from this game will be pleased to see that all the terrain from the box (plus a few more sets) will also be available as separate items. Obviously these don’t approach the value the initial release offered, but it does ensure that more people can get started with this new venture from Games Workshop.


Source: Warhammer Community


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