Bulletin – Blocking & Bombing in X-Wing


Another week, another edition of X-Wing 101 has been released. The series of articles focuses on how you can get started with the game with just a small investment. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new range of options for an existing force, these articles offer great insight into how to best utilise some of the ships in game.


This week the focus is on bombers, in particular the K-Wing and it’s deceptively versitile movement dial. The article also covers the importance of blocking and how you can combine even the most basic of maneuversย with a smart use of abilities to control how your opponent is able to respond. It really shows just how complex each move in X-Wing really can be and highlights the strengths of those core movement mechanics.


Plenty of great little tips and tricks this week, with plenty to chew on for the enthusiastic X-Wing player looking for a tactical edge. Newcomers will also find the benefits, possibly opening their eyes to tactics they hadn’t thought of yet.


Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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