Bulletin – More Dawn of War III Details


With the game just over two weeks away from release, developer Relic have been letting everyone in on some of the awesome things this new video game will offer. The new title retains it’s Warhammer 40,000 setting and will feature Space Marines, Orks and Eldar in an epic campaign for dominance.


Lately, there’s been a heavy focus on the multiplayer aspect of the new title, arguably one of the most popular features of the previous two games in the series. Last week they provided a few details on how the new army painter will work, allowing you to create cool new paint schemes for your army – or even replicate one from your existing miniatures. The built in templates include over 50 different paint schemes covering most of the major factions and clans for each armies. Those who like to forge their own path won’t be missing out either, with the ability to create your own custom mix of colours and insignia also included in the tool set. Personalising your chosen army is a big aspect of what makes Warhammer so popular, so it’s great to see they’ve continued to focus on this when translating the game into a digital format.


More recently, they’ve outlined how the new Doctrines system will work. Designed to creates another layer of tactics to add to your existing play style, the system allows you to select from dozens of different Doctrines applying to both your Elite units, and army as a whole. These Doctrines can either add profound abilities to your units, or simple passive (sometimes conditional) effects on the battlefield.


With dozens of Doctrines to choose from for your Elite units and army, there are thousands of combinations to help you forge your path to victory. Build your army, play your way, and create your own legacy of war.

Warhammer Community

Players who are eager to jump into the game early will be pleased to know that an open beta period is set to Run from next week April 21st to the 24th. Check the videos below to see the game’s multiplayer in action.


The game releases April 27th 2017. To learn more about the worlds and characters in Dawn of War III, and to keep up with future updates, be sure to head to DawnOfWar.com.


Source: Warhammer Community


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