Spartan Games – May New Releases


After focusing on their Kickstarter and subsequent releases for Dystopian Wars over the last few months, Spartan Games are now all clear to release a big range of new bits and pieces for their other games. Both the Halo and Firestorm universes are getting some love this week, with new ships for both the fleet focused games and a great batch of terrain for the land focused battles.


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a major release from the Spartan Scenics range, but it’s definitely coming back in style next month – with three big sets on the way.

Designed to easily allow players to build tabletops full of war-torn sci-fi scenery by combining MDF and highly-detailed resin add-ons, this scenery is designed to be modular and work with any 10mm or 15mm scale tabletop game, including their own Planetfall and Halo: Ground Command systems. These sets are all completely compatible with each other so you can combine them together for even more options.

The Residential Ruined Buildings set contains two separate bombed out buildings that can be combined as one, or simply split apart and used separately. The same goes for the Industrial Ruined Building set, which is mostly just a different spin on the residential designs, enabling splitting and combination with little effort. The last set on offer is the Versatile Fortified Positions box. It includes a variety of smaller scenery components including a mix of straight, left and right curves and end pieces to provide players with the perfect starting point for infantry defences.


Firestorm Armada has a large compliment of new releases on the way next month, with entire fleets worth of ships now available for the outlying factions. Now that the main factions have such a large selection of options, it’s good to see these smaller groups getting more representation and it hints towards more development around the universe itself.

The OSO and Zenian League aligned Corsairs faction are receiving four box sets with this release. The deadly Racketeer Battle Carrier comes with a set of SRS tokens to cover both bomber and fighter roles and should make a good starting point for building fleets with this faction. Filling out the rest of the faction are one set of two Privateer Class Gunships, another with three Brigand Class Cruisers and the final set contains three Outlaw Class Frigates. All of these great looking models are made of Spartan’s top quality resin and have all the appropriate flight stands in the pack. You’ll find each of the sets is enough to meet the minimum requirements for fielding a squadron of each unit type.

An interesting new addition is the Syndicate Traders League Traders faction (STL Traders for short). Apparently representing the merchant arm of the Syndicate faction who have loose ties with the Alliance of Kurak. Featuring a very utilitarian design ethose fitting with their background, these new ships should make a good addition as allies to any Kurak or Syndicate fleet. Three sets are on the way for these guys, a set of two Prospector Class Carriers with the appropriate amount of SRS tokens, a set of two Opportunity Class Cruisers and three little Militia Class Frigates to round out all the available options. Definitely an interesting addition to the existing line up of factions, representing something just a little bit left of field for players to wrap their tactical heads around.


It’s been a little while between releases for the popular Halo: Fleet Battles range, and both factions are receiving a new ship to add to their armada.


For the UNSC, the Autumn Class Heavy Cruiser makes it’s debut on the tabletop. Designed around improvements and modifications made to the Halcyon-class light cruiser for Operation: RED FLAG as a starting point, the new ship adds energy shield-reinforced armour, powerful fusion drives, long-range targeting matrixes, and a state-of-the-art magnetic accelerator cannon. These new weapons and systems are continually being improved to give the UNSC a competitive edge in battles against Covenant remnants and other threats that may yet arise.


The Covenant are always ready to respond, with a somewhat unusual ship being added to their lineup hinting at a possible way to connect fleet battles with the ground war. The Carrack Merchant Cruisers are relics dating to the foundation of the Covenant, recovered from fleet ossuaries to fight once again after its dissolution. Though ancient in human terms, the Carracks’ reactors still burn with the fury of caged stars and their hulls shimmer with nigh-unbreakable shells of energy. In the modern era they have found a role as versatile cruisers and carriers, reinforcing naval battle groups and transporting armies under the flag of a dozen factions and would-be warlords.

Each of these new sets comes with all the accessories you’ll need to deploy them on the tabletop and include three appropriate boarding craft miniatures for each faction.

Plenty to sink our teeth into next month! Keep an eye out for Pre-Orders soon!

Product Information and Images Provided by Spartan Games. All Rights Reserved.


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