Bulletin – Dystopian Wars 2.5 Info


With all the recent updates to the Dystopian Wars range off the back of their successful Kickstarter, it seems more and more people are interested in what’s next for Spartan Game’s alternate history war game.

There’s quite an extensive thread over on the Spartan Games official forums where fans and staff have been trading rumours and theories for the last few months. Recently however, the staff have been a little bit more forthcoming with information and quite a number of details have begun to reveal themselves thanks to these insights.


The information is a little fractured and it takes some effort to dig though, but thankfully the boys over at Exploding Dice Radio have taken the effort to collate all the information we think we know so far. In a recent blog post they’ve outlined some of the new units and their possible statistics in a nice easy to read article.

“…There has been a few tidbits put out for each of the major core factions, as well as the new League of Crimson mercenary faction. In general, the models being discussed are from the core nation expansion boxes, which were shown on the Spartan Blog not long ago. Lets dig in!..”

Exploding Dice Radio

Obviously these are still just rumours but there’s a fair bit of credibility and logic to them – enough to make them feel plausible. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re interested in the potential new direction for this long time game.


We also recommend checking out the original thread if you’re keen on getting as much information as possible by following the link below:


Source: Exploding Dice Radio


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