Bulletin – Army Lists for Epic @ Briscon 2017


With the events all set to kick off in just over a weeks time, things are drawing ever closer for the tournaments set to run at this year’s BrisCon.

The dedicated folks over at EpicAU have just released some interesting information regarding the Epic Armageddon tournament which will be set to run this year.

“…With eight players taking to the field, the inaugural BRISCON Epic Armageddon tournament will be one of the smaller events in the Australian Epic Armageddon calendar. Despite that, BRISCON will offer players a chance to meet new and old players from across the country, with players coming from Victoria and the Northern Territory to battle it out….”


This event will be the debut of a few new systems for the Epic player community, including a move towards paper-less management of lists and pairings. They’ll be taking advantage of the recently released module for the TableTop Tournaments management software, using it for lists and results over the weekend. This system will enable players to submit and track army lists and game results while giving tournament organisers the ability to vet those results, seed each round draw and check out some of the tournament’s basic statistics – all in real time!

You can check out what the players are taking along to the event over at TableTop Tournaments and read more over at EpicAU by following the button below.


Source: EpicAU


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