Spartan Games – The Future of Firestorm


With the acquisition of big licences like Halo and the renewed focus on Dystopian Wars, many have wondered and been curious about what’s coming next for Spartan Game’s long running Firestorm universe.

After receiving a big push a few years ago with 2.0 rules for Firestorm Armada and a brand new ground based combat game Firestorm Planetfall, it appeared that both games had taken a big break as the focus shifted to newer properties. With seldom but a few miniatures being released in the last year or so.


This is not something that has gone unnoticed by either fans or the company themselves and they’ve recently responded with an in depth article addressing these concerns on their website. The article is focused squarely on the past and present of the Firestorm universe and features quite an honest, forthcoming tone.

“…The first thing to address is the major changes that have impacted both our Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall miniature games, changes which we did not fully explain to our customers. I would therefore like to start with an apology for our poor communications as we reshuffled development, and putting that to one side, I want to now move forwards and explain the important changes we have implemented and what that means for our exciting sci-fi setting this year and beyond…”

Spartan Neil – Spartan Games


For Firestorm Armada, the long promised and elusive 3rd edition for the game finally has a release window of around August this year with the promise of a new wave of models to follow. They’ve also stated plans to ensure that all models with current statistics will also be released before this time, essentially ensuring they have a clean slate when the next edition launches.


The plans for Planetfall are slightly more extensive, with changes across the board to rules and the way models are sold. Starting very soon, Spartan will be releasing a sample of their newly designed ‘force list’ which will act as a catalyst for discussion on how players would like to see the new edition proceed. In particular, Helix’s should be receiving a significant update, with a new structure in the works aimed at reducing the complexity and cost to entry currently experienced by many players.


This process will progress over the next few months, with Spartan aiming to provide downloadable lists for all the major factions before the end of June. This is set to culminate in the final releases of a free update to the current Planetfall ruleset. Once again, aimed at allowing players to playtest what will eventually become Planetfall 2.0 – initially set for a release date sometime in early 2018.

“…Spartan Games will release a free PDF copy of the Planetfall 2.0 rules, along with full statistics for all models currently in play AND trial-statistics for models that are not yet available, such as the Saurians and Pathogen. This will allow the gaming public to test-drive the rules and engage with us in a positive way before the book is printed in hard-copy…”

Spartan Neil – Spartan Games

The final statement released by the company addresses the connected nature of these games and the plans to bridge the two together in a more mechanical way.

“…An example of this move for unification is the new Command & Control rules for FA 3.0. A major element of the new rules has been the ability to define the characteristics of a race, and to model them before, during and after a game. This generates a much more tactical game and is central to Firestorm 3.0. This is also now a central part of Firestorm Planetfall 2.0, with a common framework of rules and language that will allow players to easily embrace common Command & Control across both games. You will hear much more about this as we unveil the new rules and statistics to you…”

Spartan Neil – Spartan Games

This information coincides with the announcements that both games will now be under a more strict umbrella, with designer Derek Sinclair taking the helm and overseeing the continued development of both these games. Additionally, the company is already taking steps towards improving their overall communications with the fan base, covering blogs, forums and social media.


It’s an interesting set of developments for the company and we’re quite fond of the very informal tone the announcements have. It seems Spartan are not above admitting their faults with these particular games and are looking to ensure that existing fans are aware of exactly how thing are looking to progress behind the scenes.

We highly recommend checking out the full release on their website by clicking the More Info button below.


Source: Spartan Games


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