Bulletin – More Firestorm Armada Details


Following the announcement earlier this week of changes to the overall structure of Firestorm Armada. Spartan Derek on behalf of Spartan Games has released a more detailed overview of not only what changes are coming, but also when we can expect to see them.

As you would expect, the move to any 3.0 ruleset requires a degree of innovation to prevent the game from becoming stale. Firestorm Armada is almost 9 years old, having first hit your tabletops in November 2009, and some concepts needs revisiting when viewed under the current gaming climate. Other mechanics are so core to the game’s function that they must remain no matter what!

Spartan Derek

Heaps of excellent and promising information is presented in the article, a good sign of great things to come from this long running game. It’s a fantastic read whether you’re a current player or you haven’t played in years.


Source: Spartan Games


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