Knight Models – May New Releases


More new releases are on the way for May from Knight Models, featuring a good showing for both the DC Universe and Batman Miniature games.

For Batman fans we have three good looking new releases, focusing a little bit more on non-super-villains this time around and featuring some interesting new rules mechanics that befit the more mundane attributes of these characters.


Carmine Falcone and his loyal crime family are a particular standout. On initial inspection players might be puzzled by his lack of weapons, but the imposing leader is more than just his stats. Even before the game begins, thanks to his low cost and a few other abilities, you will have more resources with which to equip your henchmen, plus two additional Strategy Points at the beginning of the game. His other trait’s like Demotivate Trait can rob opponents of counters and he can even simply prevent a character from attacking him thanks to Plead!


These things combine quite well to make this character very difficult to remove from the game board – particularly when paired with his included bodyguards Boris, Luigi, and Troy. Adding Alberto Falcone to this set is a fairly obvious choice, giving the crew a powerful assassin capable of removing vital high cost enemies or even leaders and providing victory point bonuses with his Assassin trait.


The models in the Professor Pyg set are all quite basic when it comes to combat, but the way they work together and combine their skills with other models looks to be the key to successful deployment on the tabletop. Most noteworthy, is Professor Pyg’s rare ‘Medic’ ability – allowing him to heal combatants during the game. We covered the Professor Pyg set in a previous article and Knight Models has even more information about him on their website.



The DC Universe Miniature Game range features a bit more super power but no less devastation. Fans will be treated to great models for Darkseid, a group of Parademons and yes, even the infamous Shazam!


These awesome models are all set to arrive later next month and Pre-Orders should be available to place soon!

Images and Information Provided by Knight Models. All Rights Reserved.


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