Micro Art Studio – June New Releases


Micro Art Studio has one of the largest range of scenery, bases and accessories available for a wide number of different tabletop games. Next month has some really great stuff in store for wargamers, particularly those playing Corvus Belli’s Infinity.

High quality resin bases are what made this brand so famous and they don’t look to be abandoning this facet of their product line up anytime soon. Soon, we’ll be seeing yet another range of bases coming to our tables, with yet another spin on their existing range of science fiction themed bases. The Terminus theme is set to offer gamers yet another far future urban city alternative to the offerings already available from Micro Art Studio and other brands. Far from a rehash however, these bases feature a unique style and while it obviously has a basis in the Yu-Jing faction from Infinity, we can see these being used in quite a number of different science fiction or pulp themed wargames. These bases are set to be available in 24mm, 40mm, 55mm and 70mm diameter sizes with a bevelled edge.

Next up, we have two new sets of walkways to add a little bit of verticality to your battlefields. These District 5 Catwalk sets serve as replacements for the old Catwalk sets previously offered by the company, these were some of the first HDF terrain sets ever produced by the company and really go to show just how far the boys in Poland have come since those early days almost four years ago. These sets are 100% compatible with all their other Infinity themed scenery and we’re pretty sure fans of the game are going to find some great uses for them.

H00038 District 5 Catwalk

The base set comes with two long platforms, two short platforms, four sets of stairs and sixteen armour plates all made from their high quality laser cut HDF. All up the set can stretch out to 85cm long and provides plenty of options for creating interesting and tactical layouts on your tabletop. What’s most striking however, is the addition of four acrylic transparent floor windows, helping the new kit really stand out from other walkways on the market and fit in with other Infinity themed scenery a little bit more.

H00047 District 5 Catwalk Special

The special set acts as an expansion to the base set, but can easily be used on it’s own. Featuring four curved platforms, one junction platform, two sets of stairs, nine wide armour plates, fourteen narrow armour plates and five transparent acrylic floor windows. The addition of curved sections and different sized armour plates should really help builders create more interesting and dynamic layouts for the tabletop, stopping the table looking too square and uniform. It should also help making connections between your buildings a little bit easier and allow more free-form placement rather than sticking to a grid based pattern often seen elsewhere.


To add a little more variety, they’ll also be releasing these simple little ladders which are designed to fit with their existing scenery as well. The ladders should help soldiers have a little more freedom of movement on the tabletop and while not the most exciting visually, should prove quite valuable when designing a layout for tabletop warfare.

X31601 Communal Mat

Last, but most definitely not least, is the new Infinity Terminus Segments Communal modular mat. Many are probably familiar with their existing range of high quality neoprene gaming mats for Infinity and other games, but this product has taken the design in a new and interesting direction. Instead of the large and bulky roll up mats we’ve become accustom to, this new set is actually a set of individual square tiles – each measuring 12×12″. There are 16 tiles in total enabling any size up to the standard skirmish size of 48×48″ and they’re made of polyester with anti-slip rubber backings to ensure strength and stability.


More than simply an easier option for storage and transport, the tiles have been designed so that they can be rearranged in multiple configurations. This enables you to create heaps of different layouts suitable for multiple scenarios and even different terrain features. Better yet, because there is no set layout this could be scaled back for people running smaller demo tables or even people playing Infinity or other Science Fiction themed RPGs. The keen eyed among you will notice this set also shares it’s title with the bases mentioned earlier – this is no accident and the two have been designed specifically to complement one another. Check out the video below to get a better idea of what’s in store with this and other new products.

We think this is an awesome new product and we can’t wait to see it implemented with other styles for different types of games! (we need a Batman mat Micro Art! – Ed)

Plenty of great stuff on the way as always – keep on eye on our website for Pre-Orders soon!

Images and Product Information Provided by Micro Art Studio. All Rights Reserved.

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