Slave 2 Gaming – New Releases


The boys down in the slave dungeon have been casting up a few great products recently.


Late last month they added the U.S. Expeditionary Force Cavalry to the extensive Dark World War miniatures range. Sculpted by Mike Broadbent, the pack should serve to expand the existing Allied forces quite well and includes six horses and riders. The figures include a sergeant, standard bearer (flag not included), and three different poses of cavalrymen with sub-machine-guns.

The background with these guys fits in with the current Dark World War background: The U.S. did declare war in April 1917, but after the opening of the Hell-gate at the Battle of Messines and the change in the Western Front, the U.S. planned to bring forces quicker to the front. However, with the events of Europe, the Central American Entente forces quickly pushed their army of almost a million men into the southern parts of the United States, finally running out of steam and supplies, they then dug-in, forming a new defensive line roughly travelling from Galveston to San Antonio, to Odessa and Santa Fe, to Tucson and Bakersfield, and finally up to Monterrey.

The U.S. were caught off guard and under strength. By the time they were able put a defensive force to counterattack the enemy, they were already dug-in and were moving reserves up to bolster their front. Even with superior weapons, the U.S. forces were in for a long fight – this would seriously hamper the Western Front campaign.

Slave 2 Gaming


More recently, the boys have announced they’ll be producing Mike’s sculpts previously available through the Goblin Factory stateside. The first wave of releases focuses on the Goblin Wolf Riders and consists of six separate packs with plenty of variety in poses, comprising of Goblin command units, axes, spears, bows and swords.

The figures are sold in small packs ideal for use in RPG and skirmish gamers, with each pack containing different, individual, unique figures. For those playing larger scale offerings like Kings of War, they’ve done their best to keep the prices are low enough to justify their use as units in larger armies.

The Goblin Factory range is quite extensive, and they’re committed to supporting the great range previously available. Currently they’ve announced plans to bring out all the Goblins, as well as the Half-Men (Halflings) and the Kobold range. You can also get in contact with them directly if you are wanting other parts of the ranges, stating they are ready to cast most of the range, just let them know what you are after.

Awesome stuff guys! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. You can check out the full range of their products over at their website.

Product Descriptions and Images provided by Slave 2 Gaming. All Rights Reserved.


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