4Ground – New Release Previews


Heaps of awesome stuff in the pipeline for terrain masters 4Ground. With a bit of everything for multiple game systems, we think most will find something of interest amongst the lineup.

Emma’s Dinner is the latest addition to their new Homeland Apocalypse range of scenery. The new set is 28mm scale and while it sports a fairly modern era design, the iconic look could easily be transplanted into something like Batman or science fiction tabletop settings. Featuring the same high standard of detail we’ve come to expect from the brand and the range in general, this simple little dinner should make a striking set piece for a whole host of miniature wargames.


The Fyrburg Fort set is another impressive entry in the expansive Fabled Realms range. Comprised of a series of walls, towers and gates, the kit should allow heaps of cool combinations and would be perfect for almost any fantasy tabletop experience. Inside you’ll find eight Corners, four Straights, six Towers and two Gates. Upon final assembly the fort can cover a 3×2 foot area!


Another new addition to the range is the Shrine To Mother set, comprised of a simple building intended as a small place of worship. While it has the distinctive Fabled Realms look to it, we can see this also working amongst several other more historical settings at the same scale like SAGA.


4Ground have teamed up with GCT Studios to create a range of scenery for the Japanese themed skirmish wargame Bushido. We haven’t got heaps of details on exactly what we’ll be seeing just yet, but the boys have promised a series of buildings and accessories for the game. This is not only great for fans of the game, but fans of any other 28mm Japanese themed games as well, we’ll have to wait and see what the range has to offer but so far it’s very promising.

Partnerships seem to be all the range over in the UK, with 4Ground also announcing they’re continuing their support of Great Escape Games’ Dead Man’s Hand tabletop game. Adding to the already large range of buildings and scenery on offer, the company will now be producing alternative versions with a theme that fits the new ‘The Curse Of Dead Man’s Hand’ table top game. The focus here seems to be on destroyed and decayed variants of those buildings and should help make games more thematic when playing in the new expansion – as well as perhaps just adding variety to the base game.

Definitely some awesome stuff there to look out for, keep an eye-out for pre-orders on these in the near future.

Product Information and Images Provided by 4Ground. All Rights Reserved.



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