Bulletin – New Infinity Board Game


Corvus Belli have just announce they will be making a foray into the board game market later this year. Check out the video teaser below.

The board game is called Aristeia! and places two players in the role of team managers in “the greatest show in the Human Sphere”.

“…Players will face each other in the arena, and will have to plan their actions carefully to win…”

Corvus Belli

Details are very slim for the time being, but we do know that the game will be set within the Infinity universe while remaining seperate to the miniatures wargame that popularised the setting.

“…Aristeia! is a board game, not a miniature wargame, and has been designed from scratch as a parallel product. Although it’s still in the Infinity universe, this new board game is not compatible with the acclaimed metal miniature wargame…”

Corvus Belli

No official release date has been set just yet, with the company only saying the game should hit shelves in late 2017. They have promised previews and demonstrations will appear at the upcoming Gen Con, Essen and the Interplanetary conventions a bit later in the year. Those looking for more information can follow the more info button below and subscribe to the official newsletter – or just keep an eye on us here.


Source: Corvus Belli


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