Bulletin – The Dark Lord Returns!

Harry-Potter.pngIn a recent press release, Knight Models – most famous for the Batman and DC Miniature games – have revealed a central part of their upcoming Harry Potter miniature game. The Dark Lord Voldemort promises to be as central to your tabletop battles as he is to the plot of the books which inspire them. Check out the model below.


“Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful dark wizards of latest history, is on a hunt for Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived! Will you join his band of dark arts masters, the Death Eaters, or will you stand against him to free the Wizarding World of his iron hand ruling?”

Knight Models

Certainly one of the most impressive models we’ve seen from the already promising range of miniatures revealed so far. Complementing this news was the official announcement that the game should be hitting shelves in the “fall” – Spring for all of us down south. They have also promised to provide weekly content including previews and much more through their social media.


Source: Knight Models


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