Bulletin – Dangerous Droids


Coinciding with the release of the latest expansions for Star Wars Imperial Assault, Fantasy Flight Games have released a quick overview of what players can expect when they get the new goodies in their hands.


“…Underneath his deceptively benign astromech exterior, BT-1 sports an astonishing arsenal of lasers and missiles that, in Imperial Assault, translate to three attack dice—red, yellow, and blue—that can be launched in different directions with his Missile Salvo ability. Then, because he’s a deadly metallic Assassin, Bee Tee gets to focus each of his attacks, meaning he can either roll out one massive attack of four dice or three attacks each at two dice.

Triple Zero , on the other hand, is a bit more sly, but he’s no less sadistic. Because he lacks a ranged arsenal like Bee Tee’s, Triple Zero needs to get into melee to make an impact, but once he does, he can stun his foes and deal them bleeding wounds. At the same time, he can weaken all adjacent enemies with his Unnerving gaze at the end of his activation. For just four points, Triple Zero offers a highly versatile deployment in your campaign or skirmish…”

Fantasy Flight Games



“…While the non-elite Jawa Scavenger doesn’t have any specific Droid-related game ability, we like to think he was one of the Jawas hard at work on IG-88’s newest modifications. The new skirmish upgrade Focused on the Kill is yet another way the Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack adds versatility—and a certain brutality—to the droids of Imperial Assault…”

Fantasy Flight Games



“…It was Chopper’s job to keep the Ghost running, and he did so admirably, maintaining and repairing the ship after multiple encounter with TIE fighters, Imperial blockades, and even a close call in which the ship and its crew barely managed to escape from Darth Vader and his TIE Advanced. In Imperial Assault, Chopper’s aptitude with electronics—as well as his sour attitude—are well-represented by his System Shock ability, which ensures that he’ll play as integral a role in your campaign and skirmish games as he does in the Star Wars Rebels television series.

Of course, the droid’s not the only character to arrive to Imperial Assault in the Hera Syndulla and C1-10P Ally Pack. You also have Hera Syndulla , the owner and pilot of the Ghost. She’s the heart and soul of the Spectres, and she offers your Rebels plenty of leadership in Imperial Assault, too….”

Fantasy Flight Games


All of these great new releases are available now!

Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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