Bulletin – Spartan Force Builder Beta


As announced earlier last month, Spartan Games have been working on a formal force building app for all of their current tabletop game lines. Slated as a freeΒ tool for force building before your games, as well as a play-aid to give you all the stats you need during them.Β It should also allow Spartan to ensure that players always have the most up to date information without the need to buy another book or download the latest PDFs.


After some extensive internal and community testing the beta has now been opened to the public, allowing keen fans to start using the software right away, while helping Spartan work out any remaining bugs and issues with it. For now, it’s limited to Halo Ground Command lists and you’ll need a Microsoft Account (the same you’d use for Windows if you own it) but the rest of their games will be supported alongside other account types in the future.


It’s a promising start, featuring a simple and intuitive interface that should making building and running your lists faster than ever. Over on the Spartan Games blog you can find out more detailed information regarding their future plans, as well as a great how-to guide for using the app in it’s current state. Just follow the more info button below to find out more.


Source: Spartan Games


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