Spartan Games – June Releases


Spartan are set to deliver heaps of great new stuff our way next month, with nine exciting new products across the Dystopian Wars, Halo fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command ranges.



Let’s start with the big one, Dystopian Wars 2.5. Fans of the long running wargame will be pleased to see that a new rule book will be hitting store shelves soon in both hardback and softback formats.


At 272-pages the newly redesigned rules embrace a number of exciting changes and additions which deliver even more excitement and gaming depth to the tabletop. Key enhancements include the streamlining of key game mechanics, the addition of a fully fledged Campaign System, the Fleet Action Fast Play rules, Commodore rules and more. Inside you’ll find over 70 pages of background and lore material detailing the Spartan Sturginium World and the nations fighting the bitter world war. This should be a valuable purchase for both existing and new Commanders, promising to deliver intense excitement across air, land and sea in one of the most exciting gaming settings on offer.


Alongside this new rule book Spartan will also be releasing the first ever miniatures for the new Republic of Egypt faction in the form of a Battlegroup box set. The Mandjet is the newly commissioned Battleship of the Egyptian force, sporting an Eye of Ra energy blast weapon of unprecedented power, as well as bank upon bank of deadly broadsides, all combining to make it a terrible foe to face. As with the majority of Egyptian military vehicles, the Mandjet is a skimming machine of destruction which allows it to function on both land and sea.

Tough and ruggedly built, the Egyptian military is a force to be reckoned with, and the defensive capabilities provided by the Bastet Support Carrier, which sport a Guardian Generator as well as a host of drones, make them an even tougher nut to crack. In the medium category this nation delivers the Sekhmet Armoured Cruiser, a most capable vessel which not only pummels the enemy but can unleash a host of Scarab Assault Robots from deep within! Pedjet Frigates and Khopesh Corvettes round off an Egyptian force, delivering punch and speed to the tabletop!

All of these awesome new additions are made from high quality resin and sport the eye catching design aesthetics Spartan are famous for. Definitely a great option for those looking to pick up a new army and start playing the new edition.


On to Halo now, UNSC players will be able to field the new Phoenix Class Support Ship in their fleets next month. The new model should be instantly recognisable to Halo Fans as being the same class as the infamous Spirit of Fire featured in the fiction. Replete with its Pelican Boarding Craft our version of the Phoenix-class brings UNSC players a new Large size model with which to assemble their fleets.


This model will come in a blister pack containing one Phoenix-class, three Pelicans and all the flight stands, overlays and rules you’ll need to field them in battle.


Covenant are getting their own response to this new addition in the form of the Blockade Runner. Reportedly this old warship dates back in the history of the Covenant and has been reconditioned for use in battle. But do not let its age fool you, the Covenant Blockade Runner is a formidable medium sized vessel used to strike fast and hard against the enemy. In Halo: Fleet Battles we deploy the ship either solo to a formation base or escorted by an ADP.

Also packaged in a blister, this set contains two Blockade Runners and two ADP Escorts, alongside the required flight stands, overlays and rules.


Taking the fight planet side now, Halo Ground Command players won’t be disappointed with the awesome stuff on the way next month. One of the most exciting aspects of Halo: Ground Command is the use of Air Support Flyers. To allow players to easily embrace the use of dropships, fighters, and other types of air support the game has so far represented these engines of war with simple templates.

Some may remember that when Halo: Ground Command was released the company created two stunning, highly detailed 1/100th scale Troop Carriers (UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom). Unfortunately, while these models were perfect for the Halo fan, their sheer size made them difficult to transport and game with. Always happy to find a solution, based on feedback from the growing Halo: Ground Command customer base, The model makers have created new 1/300th scale variants of four Halo Air Support Flyers.


“…When we first created Halo: Ground Command I was eager to make sure our customers had instant access to flying models like Pelicans and Phantoms, so I created the Shadow Template idea…”

“…These Templates work incredibly well abstracting Flyers for use in a game, but Halo aircraft are stunning and I wanted to find a way to get our customers to field more amazing models on the tabletop. Luckily my model makers had an awesome idea they wanted to run with!..”

Neil Fawcett – Creative Director, Spartan Games.


Made from high quality resin these new models can be used to replace the basic templates which come with the game, allowing players to field stunning deluxe representations of Halo Air Support Flyers. These are the perfect size to collect, transport, and most importantly play with in-game.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, to celebrate the release of these new flyers, they are also introducing a pair of Strike Fighters: the UNSC Longsword and Covenant Seraph.


These dedicated Air Support Flyers trade the versatility of armoured troop carriers for powerful Ground Attack Missions and Combat Air Patrols. To keep your forces looking uniformly spectacular, the UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom will also be released.


“Although the models are abstracted, effectively one-third scale to the game, they look fabulous and add another cool dimension to your battles,”

Spartan Neil – Spartan Games

Pretty awesome stuff for both Dystopian Wars and Halo fans coming our way! Check out all the great new stuff and get your Pre-Orders in today!

Images and Product Information provided by Spartan Games. All Rights Reserved.


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