Bulletin – Infinity Campaign Launching Soon


Corvus Belli, in partnership with Beasts of War, will be launching their next global online campaign event within the next day. Still no official rules or scenario details available, but they have released this short video outlining the campaign, along with a quick blurb on what to expect.

โ€œStrikezone: Wotanโ€ is a free online event that Corvus Belli has prepared in collaboration with Beasts of War.

This campaign consists of a series of specific missions that take place near the Wotan Blockade, the Jump Gate which connects the Paradiso system with Svalarheima. Itโ€™s a strategic enclave whose fall could endanger the whole Human Sphere.

Players will have access to the all the information needed to play these missions through the Beasts of War website. From this website they will be able to download a PDF document that includes the official background and the details of the missions that Corvus Belli has developed specifically for this campaign.

Keep connected!

Corvus Belli

We’ll be keeping an eye on this, more details as they become available.

Source: Corvus Belli


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