Knight Models – June Previews


Another month, another announcement from Knight Models full of exciting new releases heading our way. After a healthy dose of Batman related miniatures last month, this time we’re getting some more miniatures featuring characters from the rest of the DC Universe – in particular, Superman and his many enemies.


It’s hardly Superman without the man of steel himself and Knight models will be delivering a great new model for the titular hero. Looking to be heavily inspired by his recent motion picture outings, the model also comes with now 3 separate chest plate options, allowing you to make different variants based on which version of the character you’d like to run.


Heroes aren’t particularly interesting without a compelling villain to challenge their every move and it’s hard to find one more iconic and threatening than Lex Luthor. Accompanied by some heavily armed and armoured minions, this new set should be quite the challenge for even some of the best DC Superheroes – especially if combined with the new Heavy Trooper set available separately. What’s more, these are both part of the new Multiverse range of miniatures from Knight Models, meaning players can use them in both the DC Universe and Batman Miniature games.


As if Lex wasn’t bad enough, it looks like tough times ahead with General Zod and his Guild Warriors also seeking to make their claim over our pale blue dot. The set comes with three great looking miniatures and has a few different head options for those looking to tweak their crew a little bit.


Rounding out the villains is the infamous Doomsday. Lex might be Superman’s most well known foe, but Doomsday can certainly be argued to be amongst the most deadly of them all. The great model seems to take a bit of inspiration from a few sources and features plenty of impressive details.

As a final bonus, there will also be a couple of token sets to help you keep track of willpower in style should you pick one of the complementary factions.

Heaps of cool stuff turning up on our doorsteps soon, keep an eye out for pre-orders and more info in the near future.

Product Information and Images provided by Knight Models. All Rights Reserved.



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