Warzone – Armoured Assault Previews


Prodos Games have announced their plans for their popular Warzone series of wargames over the next few months. As part of what they are calling “Armoured Assault” the game will be putting a big focus on tanks and other heavy ordnance over the next few waves of releases. Details for the latest batch have arrived and we’ve also got a sneak peek at the months to follow – so let’s have a quick look.


One big change coming to players very soon is the addition of flyers to the game, starting with the Cartel Emancipator. Designed by Capitol subsidiary Lockmann Aeronautics and built from the famous Venusian steels of the Bauhaus Megacorporation, the Emancipator (officially named CTL-F800) is a brutal looking aircraft. Boasting heavy armour and even heavier main armaments, it fits very well in the anti-armour role it was designed for.

The model itself is very impressive, with a style fitting the rest of the Warzone range and made from the expected high quality resin. It comes with the necessary plastic base and stand, alongside two separate weapon options to allow this flying death machine to be tailored to your specific requirements. Rules for this new addition are not found in the current set of rules or cards – but can be downloaded for free here.


Coupled with this new addition is the Imperial Mk. 55 Main Battle Tank or “Bully” as it has become known. Neither streamlined nor ergonomic, the Imperial’s acquired a real monster of a machine, densely armoured, exceedingly heavy, but with an extraordinary ability to trundle through terrain and obliterate armour as if it were glass. Its only downfall is that it is one of the slowest heavy tanks in the modern warzone.

Once again made from high quality materials and boasting heaps of that unique Warzone Style, this model should make an impressive feature piece on the tabletop. Keeping the same level of customisation seen in the other kits, you’ll also have some extra weapons in the box to modify the vehicle to your specific needs.

We should start seeing those models arriving very soon! If you’re after a little bit more of a tease – check out the gallery below for a look ahead at some of the other items set to release in the near future.

Keep an eye on us here for more details about these new items as it becomes available. For now, Pre-Orders are available if you want to jump on all the exciting new stuff right away!

Product Information and Images Provided by Prodos Games. All Rights Reserved.


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