Bulletin – Bolt Action Custom Vehicles

The awesome community over at Bolt Action Alliance have published a new fan-made supplement for all the keen Bolt Action and Konflict ’47 players out there.


Focusing on allowing players to either create or replicate vehicles not currently published in any of the core material provided by Warlord Games. Taking notes from how the current tanks and other vehicles are already designed in the core game, the book will allow you to add some rare or even fictional engines of war without breaking the game balance.

The Vehicle Design System PDF gives you all the tools to create rules for these types of vehicles for your games of Bolt Action and Konflict ’47. There has been a fair amount of hunger for late war ‘real world’ prototype and ‘1946’ vehicles to be present in the Konflict ’47 game, so this PDF also gives you many examples of the rules in action with example unit profiles of the most popular of these for the British, US, Germans and Soviets.


The PDF is available to download for free right here


Source: WWPD


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