Bulletin – Guns for Hire Preview


Fantasy Flight Games are pushing another wave of new releases out for their X-Wing miniatures game and have begun previewing a few of the new things coming our way.


Most recently,  they published a first look at the new Aces pack for the Scum and Villainy faction “Guns for Hire”. Set to releases in Q3 of this year, the new expansion adds two alternate paint scheme models for the Kihraxz fighter and StarViper, along with a host of other great pilot, title and upgrade cards.

Guns-For-Hire_02The new Vaksai allows your Kihraxz fighter to equip up to three different modifications, each at a one-point discount, and the StarViper Mk.II upgrade reduces its squad point cost by three points but demands that your pilots perform their barrel rolls with a speed “1” bank template, rather than the speed “1” straight template. Both these upgrades should do wonders for changing up the existing game play meta around these ships.Guns-For-Hire_03

There’s also heaps more options available once you add this all together with not only other items from the expansion, but also bits and pieces from previous sets. Just like with the previous Aces expansions for both Rebels and the Empire, this should give new life to some of the existing miniatures, while providing more tactical depth for the squad leaders who must battle against them.


Heaps more awesome information can be found in the original article linked below.


Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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