Bushido – Wave 35 Preview


There’s some great new releases on the way for all fans of eastern themed fantasy skirmish wargame Bushido. There’s a little bit for a few different factions from the latest wave, with releases for the Jung Pirates, Cult of Yurei, Ito Clan, Ro-Kan and Kage Kaze all hitting shelves soon. Let’s have a quick look at each of these exciting new additions to the extensive Bushido range.

Alt sculpts air&water_ToR_Promo

First off we have new sculpts for the Ro-Kan, featuring both air and water Kami miniatures. These great new sculpts will allow players to either field more variety in their battles, or simply provide another option for those wanting something a little different to the current offerings.


For the Ito Clan, they’ll be treated to this awesome looking model of Kyou commanding a his serpent. Whilst the female Shisai perform  rituals and tend to Orochi’ s shrines, the male initiates are the martial arm of the faithful. Even if Kyou finds himself debilitated his escort fights on unaffected. He also empowers other Shisai around him increasing their commitment to the cause.


Matoko of the Shadow Wind Clan is the new addition for the Kage Kaze in this wave of releases. On the battlefield she is everywhere and nowhere at once, enemies struggle to keep up with her in melee combat and those that try to retaliate amidst her onslaught often find she has already gone. As deadly as she is beautiful, her face is the last thing many will see.


Everyone knows you can’t have Ninjas without some Pirates! and Ryota is certainly a unique addition to the expanding Jung Pirate faction. He is a shock troop of unparalleled ability, holding his ground well once he has charged through the defences of his enemies. Years spent leading the charge, whether it be onto naval vessels or merchant junks, has refined Ryota’s skills into a well honed tool that the Jung prize highly even after his transformation into a Great White.


The legendary Yori is well known across the Jung, although the tales are said to be mainly spread by the man himself. When deep in his cups he will tell any that will stop to listen to him, boasts from catching whales of unfathomable size to wild and fantastical sea creatures. The truth is Yori is no better with the harpoon than anyone else, however he has learnt to be resourceful in battle, using a bottle full of sake to bolster his and others’ confidence when combat ensues.


Rounding out the wave is the addition of the Orphan & Envy set for the Cult of Yurei. It is said that there are none left alive who could name the Orphan, jealousy of a blind beggar led him to take his own eyes, and now he unleashes Envy to take whatever he feels should be rightfully his. Whether it was a trait in the boy before he was corrupted by Yurei, matters little, his envy leads to destruction wherever he roams – manifesting as an ability to take and use any skill or attribute an opponent has.

Keep an eye out for these great new releases, available for Pre-Order soon!

Product Images and Information provided by GCT Studios. All Rights Reserved.


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