Bulletin – New Adventure System Board Game Gets Title


In a recent online stream over the weekend, Dungeons and Dragons producers Wizards of the Coast announced the name and a few more details of the latest in the Adventure System series of board games. These board games are set in the D&D universe and feature a solid way for people to come to play quick dungeon delves without the need for a Dungeon Master or characters.


The new game has been titled “Tomb of Annihilation” and will act as a companion to the upcoming story line running through the popular RPG setting. The new setting takes place around the jungles of Chult, specifically the city of Port Nyranzaru, touted as the region’s last bastion of civilization . The land is plagued with the undead and even dinosaurs! No word on exactly what part of this story line will focus on but the set looks to feature some interesting and varied opponents, including the infamous Demi-Lich Acererak of Tomb of Horrors fame.

The stream also came with a whole host of other announcements to go with this story line, which you can find by hitting the button below.


Source: Wizards of the Coast & ICv2


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