Plast Craft Games – New Infinity Decals


Plast Craft Games are well known amongst the Infinity scene for producing high quality scenery at a very competitive price. In a recent change of pace however, they’ve announced they’ll be launching a full range of equally impressive waterslide decals for all the major factions in Corvus Belli’s tabletop miniatures game.

Each sheet measures 105 x 148mm and includes both generic and Sectorial Army logos for the nine Infinity factions. The decals come a wide variety of diameters, ensuring you can fit them on everything from irregular infantry to large TAGs and scenery. Β These diameters include; 15mm, 10mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm and 2mm.

You’ll also find different black and white alphanumerical symbols amongst the standard logos to help identify your troops or just dress them up. All up, there are a whopping 349 decals on each of these sheets.

Each decal is full colour and sports highly opaque symbols and the finest of detail. Decals are to be applied with water, with no solvent required. However, Plast Craft Recommends (and we agree) you use a decal solution like those from Vallejo or AK Interactive to help them conform to uneven or rough surfaces.

It’s a great option to see for all the Infinity gamers out there, and we look forward to seeing what everyone does with this great new addition. You can check them out and place your Pre-Orders for them right away!


Images and Product Information Provided by Plast Craft Games. All Rights Reserved.


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