Warmachine – June Preview


Heaps of awesome new releases are set to arrive with us in the coming weeks. Focused on the Retribution of Scyrah faction, there’s heaps of great new warcasters, units and solos to dig your teeth into this month. Lets have a look at all the sweet stuff hitting shelves soon.

Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Command
Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Command

Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Command provides the foundation every Retribution of Scyrah player needs. It features a complete listing of all current warcasters and warjacks released to date, as well as two new warcasters, three new solos, and a selection of core units and solos from the Faction.

Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution Command is set to be an essential book for all Retribution of Scyrah players, whether new or veterans. Available in both a softcover and hardcover version, new players should find it a great companion product for the Retribution of Scyrah Battlegroup Box.

Elara, Death’s Shadow - Retribution of Scyrah Warcaster
Elara, Death’s Shadow – Retribution of Scyrah Warcaster

Elara is one of the Retribution’s most skilled killers. She has refined her arcane abilities to suit the ancient traditions of the goddess, Lyliss, patron of assassins, and treats each death she inflicts as a tribute. Elara has mastered the essence of shadow, stepping through one to emerge from another, blades flashing in anticipation of the kill. Though she once considered herself a weapon best deployed on her own, she has learned to fight in perfect concert with her forces, bestowing her powers to quicken their actions and guide them toward the kill.

With spells like Boundless Charge, Marked for Death, and Scything Touch, Elara, Death’s Shadow works best with fast, hard-hitting warjacks like Imperatus and Griffons or alongside troops like the elite House Ellowuyr Swordsmen and solos like the Mage Hunter Assassin.

House Ellowuyr Swordsmen with Officer and Standard - Retribution of Scyrah Unit and Command Attachment
House Ellowuyr Swordsmen with Officer and Standard – Retribution of Scyrah Unit and Command Attachment

The swordsmen of House Ellowuyr practice a unique traditional discipline of fighting that utilises perfectly balanced blades and fluid movements. Employing great sweeping motions they can cleave an opponent in two and continue to the next without losing momentum, while also being able to quickly maneuver to deflect incoming projectiles with the flat of their blades. They fight at the request of Thyron, Sword of Truth, who offered the Retribution the aid of those heroic swordsmen most loyal to him.

Swordsmen without peer, House Ellowuyr Swordsmen pair great with offensive-focused warcasters like Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven, Issyria, Sybil of Dawn, and Thyron, Sword of Truth.

Ryssovass Defenders - Retribution of Scyrah Unit
Ryssovass Defenders – Retribution of Scyrah Unit

The Nyss ryssovas were once proud defenders of the winding mountain passes of the Shard Spires. Having lost their sense of purpose after so many of their order were corrupted by Everblight, the remaining ryssovas relocated to Ios alongside their fellow refugees, where their frozen god is protected. They do not hesitate to join the Retribution of Scyrah in battle, seeing this as part of their sacred responsibility.

The Ryssovass Defenders boast Tough and Weapon Master alongside a moderate 10/16 point cost. When led to battle by Aelyth Vyr, these grim Nyss swordsmen become the bane of enemy cavalry, gaining the Hard perk. The Ryssovass pair great with warcasters like Dawnlord Vyros and Thyron, Sword of Truth.

Hemera - Retribution of Scyrah Heavy Warjack
Hemera – Retribution of Scyrah Heavy Warjack

Designed for Issyria’s exclusive use and fitted with experimental technology that includes a cutting-edge arc node, Hemera magnifies the warcaster’s arcane abilities. The myrmidon wades into the thick of combat to take Issyria’s place, allowing her to guide the flow of combat more effectively without putting herself in harm’s way.

Hemera’s Empowered Arc Node ability makes it an ideal warjack for spellslinging warcasters like Adeptis Rahn, while its Mark Target ability makes it a favourite of Lord Arcanist Ossyan and Ravyn, Eternal Light. When paired with its bonded warcaster Issyria, Sybil of Dawn, Hemera provides its favoured warcaster with a free upkeep in addition to its numerous other benefits.

Spears of Scyrah - Retribution of Scyrah Unit
Spears of Scyrah – Retribution of Scyrah Unit

The trio known as the Spears of Scyrah count among the most fanatical mage hunters in the Retribution. Worshiping Scyrah in her guise as Avenger of the Vanished, they aspire to appease the goddess by striking down those who have caused harm to the lost Iosan gods. The Spears have had many members over the centuries, starting from the first years of the Retribution’s existence, and all have accepted their mortality to serve without fear of death.

Dauntless fighters, the Spears of Scyrah pair great with nearly every Retribution warcaster, thanks to their Shield Guard ability and a modest point cost of 9. Combined with their excellent melee attributes and Vengeance, the Spears of Scyrah are sure to be an extremely popular unit for all Retribution armies.

House Shyeel Arcanists - Retribution of Scyrah Unit
House Shyeel Arcanists – Retribution of Scyrah Unit

House Shyeel is best known for its feats of ingenuity in the engineering and production of myrmidons. Unlike other arcane mechanics in the service of the Retribution, Shyeel arcanists are equipped to wade into battle to return impaired myrmidons to the fight. These arcanists train to master both the arcane arts and the practical skills necessary to repair the damaged mechanisms of a myrmidon under fire, manipulating kinetic force for both offense and defense.

With access to Empower and Repair, the three-man House Shyeel Arcanist unit is sure to become a ubiquitous support unit for warjack-centric Retribution armies.

Fane Knight Guardian - Retribution of Scyrah Solo
Fane Knight Guardian – Retribution of Scyrah Solo

Fane Knight Guardians swear oaths to protect Scyrah, her fane, and her priesthood. These knights served the ailing goddess well before the Retribution came to prominence and have joined the cause to see the goddess and the Iosan people restored. These guardians regard several of the most pious warcasters of the Retribution as champions of Scyrah, defending them as if they were extensions of the goddess. While formidable protectors, it is their devotion that lends to their tenacity and gives them strength to fight against overwhelming enemy force.

A new Retribution warcaster attachment, the Fane Knight Guardian stands ready to protect their warcaster from any and all harm, thanks to Guard Dog, Shield Guard, and the new Total Devotion ability, which grants the Guardian +4 ARM and immunity to Knock Down while within their warcaster’s command range. At 4 points, the Fane Knight Guardian is sure to be another highly popular release for all Retribution armies.

Priest of Nyssor - Retribution of Scyrah Solo
Priest of Nyssor – Retribution of Scyrah Solo

Through years of spiritual introspection and study, the dedicated priests of Nyssor learn to bend the elements of winter to their will. Reassured that their god Nyssor is safe and well defended, the priests have hastened to Ios to stand against those who would threaten the frozen god. No strangers to combat, these priests now take to the fight, drawing upon their mastery over winter so that they may aid their allies in the Retribution.

As a master of winter magic, the Priest of Nyssor provides several powerful benefits to his fellow Nyss warriors, including an Elite Cadre, giving all Nyss Immunity: Cold, and a spell that grants Nyss in his command range +1 to attack rolls. This makes the Priest of Nyssor pair exceptionally well with the Ryssovass Defenders, Aelyth Vyr, and Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters.

Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor - Retribution of Scyrah Solo
Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor – Retribution of Scyrah Solo

Aelyth Vyr is one of the most distinguished ryssovass ever to have watched over the mountain passes of the Shard Spires. He is the embodiment of the ryssovass tradition—a steadfast defender of his people and a merciless killer bent on ending the lives of those blighted Nyss who have forsaken their duties. With the recovery of Nyssor, Aelyth has found new purpose in overseeing and guiding the ryssovass who have flocked to Ios in aid of the Retribution.

A champion among the Ryssovass Defenders, Aelyth Vyr pairs well with all the new Nyss releases as well as with warcasters who favour strong melee solos like Elara, Death’s Shadow and Thyron, Sword of Truth.

Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven - Retribution of Scyrah Warcaster
Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven – Retribution of Scyrah Warcaster

The warcaster once known as Goreshade was an eldritch, one of a strain of abominations who fed on the spiritual essence of others and consorted with the Nightmare Empire of Cryx. Now, Lord Ghyrrshyld has been restored by the goddess Scyrah and is filled with renewed purpose. While Ghyrrshyld does not speak of what happened to restore his body, he now fights against those who imperil Scyrah, and many speak of him as being filled with the goddess’ light.

The newest incarnation of the former Cryx warcaster Goreshade, Lord Ghyrrshyld has been returned to life by the goddess Scyrah to lead his people once more. One of the greatest masters of occult lore, Ghyrrshyld can shut down enemy magics with ease, thanks to Field Marshal [Arcane Vortex], and can return the dead to life with his Revive spell. Now a champion of the Iosan gods, Ghyrrshyld has mastered control of Nyssor’s magical blade Voass and is able to surround his army in intense cold, freezing any who dare close with them to do harm.

Wicked Ways - Iron Kingdoms Chronicles Book
Wicked Ways – Iron Kingdoms Chronicles Book

With the arrival of the grymkin next month, comes an all-new anthology focused on the Strangelight Workshop, supernatural investigators who find themselves confronted by growing forces of evil. The Workshop employs an odd blend of scientists, mercenaries, and occult explorers who seek to understand the unfathomable, to peel back the veil between life and death to commune with spirits haunting places beset by tragedy and madness. But now one team is about to step off the precipice when they learn of a malevolent plot to unravel all they have done and to harvest the souls of all humanity.

Written by the staff at Privateer Press, Wicked Ways is a series of tales that reveal the dark corners of the Iron Kingdoms where horrors hide. The Strangelight Workshop offers every fan of the Iron Kingdoms a chance to explore that darkness…if they dare.

Plenty of awesome stuff to check out there, be sure to keep an eye out for the impending release and get a Pre-Order in if you haven’t already.

Product Information and Images provided by Privateer Press. All Rights Reserved.


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