Micro Art Studio – July Preview


We had a big release from the boys at Micro Art Studio recently, with some great redesigns of existing terrain and their new modular gaming mat. Next month they’ll be unleashing a big number of great new base sizes our way, adding to a bunch of their existing styles with some new sizes. Check out the previews below;

Alongside filling some gaps for established sizes, they’ve also begun to release new oval bases for all the Age of Sigmar players keen on expanding their resin base collections. Additionally, this release shows the useful 70mm size base popular with Infinity players now available in more themes.

With so much terrain coming out last time, they’ve taken a bit of a break, with just two new products on that front. The new District 5 Warehouse set is a highly detailed kit said to be their largest for the range so far. We’re also getting another Modular mat, similar in style to the last one but with a more ‘industrial theme’. The best part about this new release is that it’s going to be 100% compatible with their previous Modular mat, so buying both would provide even more great combination options for players.

That’s it for next month, if you’re keen on grabbing some of these new items be sure to place a Pre-Order right away.


Images and Product Information provided by Micro Art Studio. All Rights Reserved. 


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