Plast Craft Games – Urban Landscape Preview


After just having launched a brilliant looking range of new decals for Infinity, Plast Craft Games have again delivered a promising set of products for next month. Going back to what they’re best at, the new products are part of the existing ColorED scenery range and features a great looking modern theme.


Titled ‘Urban Landscape‘, the new range of 28mm scale scenery features PVC components with high quality pre-printed designs alongside HDF components of the appropriate colour for each set. There are six sets in total so let’s have a brief look at them.

The Post Office is a nice generic piece of scenery, featuring a simple interior and a generic enough design that it could be used for almost any municipal themed building like a town hall. The unique aesthetics of this building should make it a perfect centrepiece or objective location.

The Urban Furniture set looks to be a great addition to almost any scenery set up across quite a few different eras. Featuring bus stops, tables, chairs, park benches and even a fountain, this collection will help add not only some great thematic realism to your table – but also provide some interesting ground cover for opposing forces. The design is also quite generic, allowing these to fit in with not only modern settings, but also historical setups like WWII or even a fantasy town.

The Surburban House set is exactly what it says on the tin, a straight forward little suburban home in a very distinctive 1950s Americana style.

Complementing the previous set while also adding more variety is the Blue Suburban House. Featuring similar design aesthetics to the other Suburban House kit but with a different layout and second story. These kits should go well together on the table, giving wargamers more options when it comes to fleshing out their tables.

Those looking for more height and vantage points across their tables will find the City Building set provides both options for them. A simple kit with some great little add-ons provided in HDF. The Fire Escape and outer fence should prove a great little resource for soldiers on the battlefield.

Further expanding on this concept is the Urban Building set. A far bigger kit overall with quite  a few more options for placement of your troops and/or monsters/ Made up of a tall and short building with connecting stairs and a fire escape, we can see quite a few great ways to use this as either a feature or just another bit of terrain to fill up your board.

As the images have shown, the quality here is of the standard we’ve come to expect from Plast Craft Games, with the simple addition of a couple of trees and fences easily rounding out an entire table of this stuff. Obviously well suited to games set in the modern era, the theme is generic enough that these won’t feel too far out of place in almost any 20th or 21st century tabletop. Even games like Malifaux which have more of a fantasy bent could make good use of some of these kits with a little creativity.

These kits are due to arrive in July and you can hit the button below to Pre-Order yourself some now!


Images and Product Information provided by Plast Craft Games. All rights reserved.


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